Step-By-Step Guide

In creating your own website

We suggest you change your password at this point for convenience and better experience. To do this, go to users and click on profile. Doing this will take you to your Profile Dashboard Panel.
Inside the Profile Dashboard, scroll down until Account Management, New Password. Click Set New Password
You might see an auto generated password after clicking Set New Password. Delete it and create your own. Choose between uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. Choose a secure password that only you can remember.
You might see an auto generated password after clicking Set New Password. Delete it and create your own. After choosing a new password, click Update Profile on the bottom of the page to apply the changes.
You should see this message if the new password change is accepted.
Note: A permalink or permanent link is a clean URL which is easier to type and remember.
To set up your website’s permalink, go to settings > permalinks. This will take you to the Permalink Panel.
Choose post name and click save changes.

Within your dashboard, go to Appearance > Themes. This will take you to the Themes Panel.

On the Themes Panel, hover or point your mouse over Astra and click Activate. This step activates the structure of your website.
To choose a design for your website, go to and then choose the template you want to use.
If you don’t see the download button as shown below, you need to sign back in.
You can View Template but you need to click the back button to go to the design selection page.
Click to Download. Normally, downloaded files are located on a download folder.
You can also check the download status on your browser and click on Open file where the file is downloaded.
Upon downloading, you should get a file named file.
Go back to your Dashboard Panel and click Elementor > Tools. Go to Import/Export Kit.
Click on Start Import button under Import a Template Kit.
The Start Import will take you to this page. Click on Select file.
Clicking on the Select file button should normally take you to your downloads folder. You can also locate where the file is saved.
Double click on If successful, you should see a message similar below.
After a successful upload, it will take you to a page similar below. Just click the Next button on the lower right corner.
The next page should look like this. It may take 10-20 minutes depending on your computer and connection speed.
If successful, you should see a message like this. (Tap yourself at the back for a job well done) Click Back to dashboard on the lower right hand corner.
To check your site design, click on My Sites in your Dashboard. Then click Visit under your site name.
If you type in an incorrect password too many times, you will see a prompt like this… If you think you forgot your password and need a new one, just click on Lost your password?

That step should take you to a box asking for the registered username or email address. We suggest you enter your email address instead.

Once done, simply click on Get New Password button.

Open your registered email address, and locate the Password Reset email and open it. Click on the link within the email.
The link will take you to another page where you can change your password. You can choose the auto-generated password, or create your own. We suggest you create a strong password. A password that is secure and only you can remember.
If the password change was successful, you should see a message like this…