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Your Own Marketing Automation Platform

APG Funnels was designed to provide you with the most integrated and flexible marketing tools to help you automate your workflows, the way you want.
Multi-Location Partner
Integration Partner, Multi-Location Partner

Multiply your potentials

Simplify your workflow and consolidate your stack by using your agency’s portal to manage all your clients’ accounts, campaigns, profiles, automations and tasks from one single place.

Have it your way

Take full ownership of the platform, brand it with your agency’s name and create your own plans and pricing while still getting our priority support to help you provide the best services to your clients.

Boost your synergy

Collaborate with your team and clients on campaigns and tasks throughout your workflows. Share designs, reports, manage approvals and get instant feedback to get the best results, seamlessly.

Make it work, every time

Create templated marketing by easily replicating winning campaigns, automations and workflows across your sub-accounts. Leverage your experience in specific industries and markets to offer specialized solutions to your clients.

Your marketing is under control.

Use our multi-tenant capability to centralize your franchisees’ or sub-brands’ marketing stacks, then manage all their accounts, campaigns and activities from a single dashboard.
Use our multi-tenant capability to standardize your brand assets, social media monitoring, control your multi-touch campaigns and centralize the marketing stack of your multi-unit brand.
We built an adaptive platform that fits your simple or demanding marketing needs and can scale with you as your grow your brand.
Our team of marketing and technical implementation experts will help you build your marketing playbook and provide unparalleled support to your growing business.

Multi-location Partners Benefits and Features

Frequently Ask Questions, FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

After you fill out a demo request form, you will have a session with one of our success managers in which they will discuss with you how the platform can benefit your agency. To become a APG Funnels agency partner, apply here.
APG Funnels agencies and partners receive commissions when they resell the platform. Commissions are released every 45 days. For more information on commission and volume partner discounts, book a demo with one of our success managers.
Agencies get 10% commission or discounts for every new client that signs up. Agencies with over 20 clients might qualify for a volume discount.
APG Funnels was built specifically for agencies to help them take control of their marketing stack. Agencies can manage all their clients from one screen, create custom pricing and marketing plans as well as Whitelabel the solution as if it was their own proprietary platform. APG also offers tools to groups campaigns and replicate them to client’s sub-accounts in one simple click. To launch your own marketing platform today, click here.
APG Funnels provides full technical and implementation client support to partners to help them focus on the continued growth and success with their business.
Yes, many agencies around the world have partnered with APG Funnels. It has recently partnered with WSI, an innovative digital marketing agency with offices in 80+ countries.
Yes, agencies can customize their own set of bundled features, add-ons and pricing. To find out more about how agencies can resell the platform to their clients and the different pricing modules, our success managers would be happy to provide you with all the details you need.
With APG Funnels, agencies can easily create and manage landing pages, emails and automate workflows, group them into different industries and copy them across their client’s accounts.
Yes, you can configure the billing profile for each client on an as-needed basis. You can also add a discounted rate to the account if it’s required. For example, if the agency is paying for the client’s license, the commissions would be released to the agency at the end of the billing cycle.
Our success managers take a consultative approach to the relationship and will work closely to ensure your strategy aligns with the success on the platform. Areas that the team focus on are:
  • Analyzing your current agency structure and marketing landscape.
  • Making sure you understand the platform capability and features.
  • Explaining the agency reseller tools and Whitelabel options available on APG.
  • Providing tech and sales support.
  • Helping onboard new clients.
  • Providing support to your end clients.
  • Give first-hand access to new features in beta.
  • Participating in customer advocacy sessions.
If you’re interested in a session, you can fill out the demo request form.
Yes, you can add other agency administrative team members, with custom permissions and even control the access of each client you onboard to APG Funnels.
Sure, you can share real-time reports with your client’s to keep them up to date on the progress of their marketing campaigns. These reports can be shared via email or accessible via a secure public dashboard URL.
APG Funnels has a built-in tracking system for many signups, conversions and revenue that’s broken down on a monthly basis.
You can reach out immediately to one of our success managers at or via the live chat feature available on your account.
You can sign in to access your partner portal here.