Email Marketing

Send personalized emails and blast winning campaigns to engage with your leads.
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Email Marketing

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Automate and manage all your email marketing tasks from one place with easy-to-use tools and awesome features.
Email Marketing
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Create email campaigns in minutes

No need to hire a developer or a designer. Build responsive email templates with total creative control using Tymbak’s super easy drag & drop editor. Choose from awesome ready-to-use templates or pre-designed blocks, design your own using custom layouts or even upload your own HTML.

Bring your emails to life

Personalize your messages with merge tags and create dynamic emails by adding active content such as animated GIFs, countdowns, CTA buttons and “Add-to-calendar” events.

Automate your emails

Create automated emails that get triggered based on lead score, behavior or progress within your automation workflow. Create newsletters, drip campaigns or transactional emails targeting various audiences and with different cadences⊕.

Send better email campaigns

Enhance your email deliverability and performance by previewing your emails across multiple devices, browsers and email clients. Track your campaign metrics with VBOUT’s in-depth analytics and run A/B tests to optimize your campaign engagement.

Email Marketing Automation Features

Awesome templates
Use and edit one of our various ready-to-use emails designed with great visual impact for different industries/purposes and optimized for conversion.
Email template manager
Duplicate, edit or save your email designs and templates.
Drag & drop builder
Drag and drop a pre-designed template, layout or component to build your own design or move elements within your email to rearrange your layout.
Customizable layouts
Pre-designed layouts including various arrangements of columns and sections
Ready-made design blocks
Pre-designed blocks including: top menus, headers, call-to-actions, services, social media icons, testimonials, team members, events, pricing, footers, dynamic blocks, ecommerce products, and more…
Design components
Resizable components to help you design and customize your email. These include containers, spacers, dividers, images, videos, GIFs, countdowns, call-to-action and payment buttons, RSS feed and more…
Code editor
Use Custom HTML: Javascript, CSS styles and fonts
Domain sender verification
Verify your email sender’s domain by setting up your SPF and DKIM components to improve your email deliverability.
Chunk sending
Break down your target lists into smaller subsets and mitigate your sending risk across a longer period of time. This allows you to monitor the performance of your campaign and pause/resume it as you see fit.
Dedicated IPs
Warm up your own dedicated IP address to avoid your emails ending up in your recipients spam folder.
Custom SMTP
Bring your own SMTP credentials to APG and continue building the reputation you already have with your existing sending partners.
Upload your own design
Upload your own HTML code.
Hyperlink any element on your email with an external link
UTM tracking
Activate UTM tracking for your emails to track the performance of your campaigns.
Add shortcodes and merge tags to personalize your emails such as first name, last name, company name, telephone number, website, city and more…
Communications preferences
Give your audience the ability to choose what type of communication they want to receive from you and reduce your lists’ unsubscribe rates
Coupon codes
Generate unique coupon codes for your promotions and allow your customers to redeem them directly from their mobile devices.
Free stock library
Access to thousands of royalty free images and animated GIFs.
Default email settings
Configure your default email settings and footer details including social media icons, company copyright and information, communication preferences URL and more…
Design preview
Preview your email on your browser or on multiple screen sizes.
Rollback to old versions
Check editing history and revert to previous versions.
A/B testing
Optimize the performance of your email by validating which content, subject line or sender’s email/name work best with your campaign. Split your test to be randomly delivered to two equal audience portions and the winning variant will be then sent to the remaining subscribers of that list.
Campaign manager
Manage your sent or scheduled emails from one screen. You can copy, send or pause your campaigns as well as sort and filter them based on your preferences.
Export sent campaigns
Export your sent campaigns to an Excel file (.xls).
Spam score test
Generate unique coupon codes for your promotions and allow your customers to redeem them directly from their mobile devices.
Inbox preview
Check your email across different devices, browsers and email clients before publishing it.
Email inbox sync
Connect your email inbox to your VBOUT account and sync conversations with your leads directly to their activity timeline.
Share a draft with your team members to review your email internally before sending the campaign.
Shareable URL
Share your email design with others using a publicly accessible URL link.
In-depth insights and metrics to help you monitor your email performance.